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Re: cvs join update

From: Rachel Burns
Subject: Re: cvs join update
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 14:08:20 -0800
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Murugaiyan, Natarajan [IT] wrote:

Why does cvs join update command
        cvs -d /opt/fdtssrc/gfdtssrc1 update -j HEAD
try to acquire a lock in the repository?

I am using CVS 1.11.6 in Solaris 8 and above command fails with this error 
          cvs update: failed to create lock directory for 
`/opt/fdtssrc/gfdtssrc1/tkbatch' (/opt/fdtssrc/gfdtssrc1/tkbatch/#cvs.lock):  
Permission denied
          cvs update: failed to obtain dir lock in repository 
          cvs [update aborted]: read lock failed - giving up

The join command updates the working copy and not the repository. Don't know 
why this operation
needs a lock on repository directory.

#cvs.lock acts as a master lock used to synchronize other lock obtaining operations. Like any well behaved lock management system, CVS obtains read locks (#cvs.rfl) for read operations like update/checkout etc. Readers don't conflict with other readers, but they do conflict with writers. A writer will be blocked till the read lock is relinquished by a reader. This is your basic read-write locking protocol at

Locks are created per directory. If the CVS process can not create the dir (#cvs.lock) due to group permission issues, it will balk. Make sure the user belongs to a group
that can write.

The -n option will not attempt to get any locks will not therefore try to create the dir (#cvs.lock)

I guess making /opt/fdtssrc/gfdtssrc1/tkbatch directory to be group writable 
and adding user executing
the join command to be in that group would fix this problem.

Yup that is needed.

The source repository directories are not group writable and accessed through 

The noexec join command 'cvs update -n -j HEAD' does not work through pserver 
and fails with this error:
$ cvs -n update -j HEAD cvs server: Updating .
                cvs server: Updating CVSADMIN
                RCS file: /opt/fdtssrc/gfdtssrc1/tkbatch/CVSADMIN/release,v
                retrieving revision 1.8
                retrieving revision 1.10
                Merging differences between 1.8 and 1.10 into release
                cvs server: release: No such file or directory

The same command works when pserver is bypassed with -d argument
              $ cvs -d /opt/fdtssrc/gfdtssrc1 -n update -j HEAD

With the non-group writable repository directory setup, the cvs join(without 
noexec option) fails
when bypassing pserver(because of unable to get read lock) but works when using 

Not sure opening up repository directories to be group writable so that users 
can run
cvs update join {with/without} -n option successfully by bypassing the pserver.

Any ideas?

Natarajan Murugaiyan(Ravi)

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