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## Need help to configure CVS ##

From: mskumar_2k1
Subject: ## Need help to configure CVS ##
Date: 27 Dec 2004 20:38:00 -0800
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i'm the newbe to CVS. I'm working in a project that needs to use CVS. I
have linux server and windows workstation. We r doing projects in
"Eclipse IDE" under windows. I need to configure CVS in Linux system.
My project name is "CERMON". Multiple users are using the projects. So,
i created nultiple users in linux system and congigured SAMBA to get
their datas from windows Systems. All the developers having their
project code in their "linux home directory".

1. Please tell me how to configure CVS for this situation.My Linux
system already installed CVS-1.11.2-10 and RCS-5.7-20
2. Tell me what is YOYO. Is there is any special meaning for that?
waiting for ur answers........

Thank you
M. Senthil kumar

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