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Re: Merge and CVS Headers ... best practice?

From: Svilen Krustev
Subject: Re: Merge and CVS Headers ... best practice?
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 09:28:03 +0000
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That seems to be quite common problem in CVS. $Log$ is especially nasty. It use to be some discussion in the community about using $Log$. As a rule - use $*$ as less as possible, besides with the time you will see that they are not of much use (JMHO) - you can get all the info using cvs log and/or cvs status


MumboJumbo wrote:
Hi there,

I am merging a development branch for the first time (i.e. my companies first attempt at development feature branching) with the cvs HEAD branch ...

I keep getting merge conflicts in CVS headers ... its not a big deal ... but it is very annoying ... is it common practice to use CVS headers branching together ?


ps my cvs header is a nice simple:

// $Date$
// $RCSfile$
// $Revision$
// $Author$
// $State$
// $Log$

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