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Re: Can't download CVS!

From: Arno Schuring
Subject: Re: Can't download CVS!
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 12:42:25 +0100

Rhino writes:

What are your thoughts on the relative merits of CVS, CVSNT, and WinCVS? Why would I choose one over the other? What are the negatives of each? Which of
these integrates best with Eclipse?

(snip - can't help you with CVS vs CVSNT)

(..) As far as I know, Eclipse is similar
in that it interfaces with some CVS implementation and should be happy
with either CVS or CVSNT.

Eclipse has its own CVS client integrated - no need for either CVS or CVSNT installed. There used to be issues with Eclipse's client talking to a 1.12.x server, not sure if they are resolved yet.

You con't need an external CVS client if you're just using Eclipse, just open the "CVS repositories" perspective and add your sites. You may run into problems when using any other CVS client to access Eclipse' workspace, because of the :extssh: connection method that Eclipse uses by default


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