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Re: Modif timestamps of files in CVS repository

From: Laurent CHARLES
Subject: Re: Modif timestamps of files in CVS repository
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 17:03:31 +0100
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Laurent CHARLES wrote:
I have some dirty admin hacks to do on CVS repository files (*,v). I
wonder if there is any risk or incidence to change the file timestamps. NB: I accept the risk to badly hack the files themselves.

Jim.Hyslop wrote:
So, let me get this straight - you want to change the timestamp of the checkin.

Yes, but it was not the sense of my question.

First of all, why? Is there a specific reason you want to rewrite
history? I'd be concerned about what would happen if you changed the
timestamps such that an earlier revision number has a later date than a
later revision number, i.e.: rev 1.1: January 6, 2005 rev 1.2: December
31, 2004

We want to rewrite the revision time information within the *,v files, but not to change the date, only to change the way the date is displayed. This is because the old date format with 2 digits for the year crashes viewCVS, while it is ok if the year is written with 4 digits.

My question was about the timestamp of the file itself, not the one within the file. Because doing the hack above changes the modification date of all the files, even those that has not changed since ages.

I wondered if CVS uses this information (file timestamp), or if it only relies on the date information present within the files.

Sorry not to have been clear enough.
Thank you

-- Laurent

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