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Re: Modif timestamps of files in CVS repository

From: Laurent CHARLES
Subject: Re: Modif timestamps of files in CVS repository
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 09:47:20 +0100
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Thank you all for your replies.

Laurent wrote:
I have some dirty admin hacks to do on CVS repository files (*,v). I
wonder if there is any risk or incidence to change the file timestamps.

We want to rewrite the revision time information within the *,v files,
but not to change the date, only to change the way the date is
displayed. This is because the old date format with 2 digits for the
year crashes viewCVS, while it is ok if the year is written with 4

We take the risk to hack the files. The tests we have done so far show it seems to work as expected.

And about this:
That is an exceedingly bad idea.  It's not a question of "old" format
versus "new" format -- the RCS file format explicitly requires 2 digits
for years 1900 through 1999 and all digits for subsequent years (it does
not support years prior to 1900).

I agree, but we checked that not 2 digit dates are prior 2000. So it is ok _in our case_.

Thank you again for your help.

-- Laurent

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