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Re: Advice regarding Branches

From: jeetu mahtani
Subject: Re: Advice regarding Branches
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 08:48:57 -0500

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to validate my approach to ensure I
am not doing anything inefficient/unecessary.

PS. I am not an expert with CVS/NT so oblige some of my possibly word

Well, one of them is working on an enhancement that is going to take a
few weeks and thus is working on a separate branch and not the Main
The other developer is working on an enhancement but this is short term.

Since we may need to do patch releases in the interim I have both of
them working in their own branches to isolate Main.

Now the second developer is done with his enhancement and I merge his
branch to Main. The first developer with the long term enhancement
needs to see the enhancement done by the second developer (for some
reason) so how I bring his branch up to do? I guess by tagging the
Main at the appropriate point in times, I can update his Branch but it
just seems such a cumbersome and time consuming process (of
continuouslly tagging and keeping track of tags).

Any advice?


On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 22:53:43 +0000 (UTC), Pierre Asselin
<address@hidden> wrote:
> jeetu mahtani <address@hidden> wrote:
> > We have several developers working on various branches. One of the
> > developers is done with his fixes so I merged his branch into the Main
> > trunk. Now the other developers who are working on their respective
> > Branches need to also get these fixes.
> Why ?  Why can't they finish their branch and merge them too ?
> Why are they working on branches if they don't need to isolate themselves
> from the trunk ?
> > How do I make this Merge so the
> > various developers are up to date with Main trunk updates?
> > Thanks.
> Start new branches up the trunk and merge the old branches into them.
>    cvs commit                  # to oldbranch
>    cvs update -A
>    cvs tag newbranch_bp
>    cvs tag -b newbranch
>    cvs update -r newbranch
>    cvs update -j oldbranch_bp -j oldbranch
>    cvs commit
> but I repeat:  something's fishy with your approach.
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> pa at panix dot com
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