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Problem with cvs log -d

From: Scott Watters
Subject: Problem with cvs log -d
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 15:36:36 -0600

I'm running cvs version 1.11.17 on a Sun E250 Solaris 9 and can't seem
to get logs by date working.
$ cvs --version

Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.17 (client/server)

If I issue the comand

$ cvs log -d ">=20041120"

I am returned with log information for all files in the directory. Here
is a cut and paste of the CVS/Entries file from the directory in

/VlprepcCommon.h/2.4/Fri Nov 19 14:10:58 2004//
/VlprepcFileMgr.cpp/2.3/Wed Mar 22 22:57:01 2000//
/VlprepcFileMgr.h/2.1/Fri Feb  6 19:35:10 1998//
/Vlprepcplus.cpp/2.7/Fri Nov 19 14:07:41 2004//
/Vlprepcplus.h/2.1/Fri Feb  6 19:35:14 1998//
/fwmemory.cpp/1.2/Thu Nov  5 14:22:34 1998//
/string_toupper.cpp/2.1/Fri Feb  6 19:34:37 1998//
/vl_common.cpp/2.10/Fri Jul 21 21:41:18 2000//
/vlpsos.cpp/2.1/Fri Feb  6 19:34:39 1998//
/vlq_send.cpp/2.5/Fri Nov 19 14:20:32 2004//
/vlprepc.cpp/2.17/Wed Dec  1 21:43:10 2004//

Shouldn't I only get log information for the file vlprepc.cpp? The
machine date is correct as are the time stamps of all my files in the
sandbox. My TZ environment variable is set to US/Central.

I've done dozens of web searches and can't find any similar problems to

Thanks for any help.

Scott Watters

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