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Re: .cvsignore *.

From: Thomas Bornhaupt
Subject: Re: .cvsignore *.
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 17:21:01 +0100

Hi Jim,

> Hmmm... can you configure your compiler to place those binary files in a
> specific directory, then ignore the directory?

i did not found this option.

> By the way, am I correct in presuming that specifying each file to ignore
> would be too tedious?

I put all this files without extension in the .cvsignore file. This work.

but there was an other nice think. I use TortoiseCVS. And have a new project
in a new direktory. If i make an add ('CVS Inhalt hinzufügen') to the parent
directory. The new dirctory would be added but also my file without
extension. The .cvsignore file is ignored. Then i make first an Add ('CVS
hinzufügen') to the new directory. And then an add ('CVS Inhalt hinzufügen')
to the parent and now .cvsignore works fine.


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