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Re: best way to remove a file from a branch?

From: jpierre
Subject: Re: best way to remove a file from a branch?
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 15:21:24 -0500
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Jim.Hyslop wrote:
jpierre wrote:
What is the best way to remove a file from a branch?

The normal cvs remove seems to work (i've read some problems 
with that, 
but i tried it and it's fine), but it doesn't go into the Attic, and 
tools depending on that don't show it as removed.
If a file has only been removed on a branch but the trunk is still active,
then it's not *supposed* to go into the Attic. It only goes into the Attic
if the trunk is dead.

I guess that's better than using the dangerous tag -B -d BRANCHNAME 
filename (still don't get an history anyway, in that case)?

Is there a better way of doing this?
What exactly are you trying to accomplish? You said that the "cvs remove
seems to work", so what more do you want to happen?


cvs remove "works" in the sense that yes, the file gets removed from the branch, when updating or checking out the branch. But on the server, the file is still there, and tools that look on the server (viewCVS, for example), still show the file. This means that all scripts looking at the content on the repository will think that the file is still in the branch.


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