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problems trying to use both PAM and CVSROOT/passwd

From: Neil B. Morley
Subject: problems trying to use both PAM and CVSROOT/passwd
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 11:05:12 -0800

Dear cvs users,

I am trying to use the pam authentication in 1.12.11 with and ldap database. But I want to transition my users slowly to make sure they have no problems and downtime. However, if I have pam enabled, I can't seem to get access for users still in the passwd file. It allows login, but any checkout operations give me the error:

PAM open session error: System error
cvs [checkout aborted]: recv() from server cvsdns2: EOF

Does anyone have any idea if this is fixable. I see a bug report about this behavior at
but not sure if this is a bug or some setup issue.

Thanks for the help... --neil

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