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RE: ACL status

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: ACL status
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 14:06:26 +1100


CVSNT permission system is unique to CVSNT so it can manage ACL's on branches.  
Yes it does support denying read access.  The ACL groups and users can be tied 
to the operating system groups and users if you desire.

CVSNT does run on Solaris, and the ACL's operate identically independently of 
the host operating system (if you are using the operating system to 
authenticate then obviously all OS's need the same users or an alias).

Please direct all questions regarding CVSNT to the CVSNT mailing list:

For basic help on ACL's use cvs chacl -H on the command line.


Arthur Barrett

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From:   address@hidden on behalf of Rafael Sanz
Sent:   Fri 1/14/2005 9:47 PM
To:     address@hidden
Subject:        RE: ACL status

Thanks Peter and Arthur.

About the contrib scripts are not enough because only restrict commits
(currently, I'm resolved this with a perl script hook at commitinfo and
taginfo events).

The only way that I found is using the SO groups and users, is similar in
CVSNT if I understand well. But I don't understand how work chacl exactly:

-change the SO permission of repository file?

-Are stored the permission in somewhere? (I understand is in the SO
repository file attribute, then how is controlled the branch?)

-And my Achilles heel, chacl close the read permission for specific

I'm reading this manual but I don't
understand completely the differences in ACL control between CVS and CVSNT
(except native commands to do it in CVSNT)

Currently I manage a CVS server on Solaris and the security rules of SO
administrators are in conflict to grant access over modify users/groups, if
I must change to cvsnt is a valid option but I need understand the gains of
this, because the mechanism in CVSNT (if I understand well) have the same

Some other link that clarify me?

Thanks in advanced, again.

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De: Arthur Barrett [mailto:address@hidden 
Enviado el: viernes, 14 de enero de 2005 4:09
Para: Rafael Sanz; address@hidden
Asunto: RE: ACL status


"cvs chacl" and "cvs lsacl" is already a part of CVSNT (for unix, linux,
windows etc).

Since CVSNT is also open source / GPL you can either:
a) just use CVSNT
b) use the previously mentioned trigger scripts for CVS

CVSNT is the "standard/bundled" client for WinCVS and TortoiseCVS.  The
CVSNT server is also available from


Arthur Barrett

-----Original Message-----
From: address@hidden
[mailto:address@hidden On
Behalf Of Rafael Sanz
Sent: Friday, 14 January 2005 2:31 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: ACL status

Hello, I need to extend my cvs server with fine grain of Access Control
Level (beyond writers or readers files natives in CVS standar).

I'm found some references to patches at C code
(, but any is standard...

What is the develop status of ACL in cvs server for UNIX?? Is in
Nothing about?

Whatever, some link better to ACL solutions that deal with read
for files or directories?

Thanks in advanced.

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