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can I checkout up to three branches into one workspace?

From: Mark Hanna
Subject: can I checkout up to three branches into one workspace?
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 12:11:18 -0000

Hello all,

I'm a newbie to CVS but have been asked to find out if the following is

We want to reconstruct our code base within one module that already
exists. Currently we branch a copy of the entire src of the module onto
a branch and develop it specifically for each customer but due to the
increasing number of customers we want to change the way we work. 

We are looking to do the following of possible ?

The idea is to keep a generic branch and at a validated point, branch
off individual files onto customer specific branches (i.e. customer_A,
customer_B, etc). This point will also be used to create a branch for
fixes. So builds will consist of:

Stable_point + patches_latest + customer_specific_files_latest. 

The question I have is there a way to easily get a workspace containing
the combination of stable_point + branches and If I can, how can I deal
with any merging issues ? 

Thanks for your time !

Mark Hanna
Build co-ordinator
elata Ltd

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