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RE: Multisite CVS, Continous Availability and other goodies ...

From: Matt Doar
Subject: RE: Multisite CVS, Continous Availability and other goodies ...
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 14:22:52 -0800

This is a useful-looking product. Reading the website, I have two

1) It would appear that this doesn't work with ssh yet. Is that correct?
The white paper does say that CVS_RSH is supported, but it's not clear.

2) If I commit changes in one directory in one repository, and a
colleague is using another repository, and the changes are being
propagated by CVS Replicator, then how do I know when can I tell my
colleague that they should update? 

This is assuming that (as far as a user can tell) the network and
servers are operating as normal. I know about CVS commits only being
atomic per directory.


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> Subject: Multisite CVS, Continous Availability and other goodies ...
> Disclaimer: This is a message about a commercial product.
> Hi -
> We recently announced the availability of the CVS Replicator product.
> It is an Active-Active replicator of CVS repositories. What that
> means in plain-speak it lets you easily set up multiple active CVS
> repositories, across the WAN or within a LAN. All these repositories
> then stay in sync with each other, regardless of where updates occur.
> Consistency across repositories is guaranteed no matter what -
> communication links going down, hardware failures, process failures.
> Deployment is a breeze, with no changes to the CVS repository or the
> CVS clients.
> It's an ideal add-on for :
> - distributed development team that are  split across multiple sites;
> - to just get better performance from  the repository or
> - improve the availability of the CVS server and have zero downtime.
> For more information please look at .
> Regards,
> Rahul Bhargava
> CTO, WANdisco
> San Ramon, CA.
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