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Re: CVSROOT: No such file or directory?

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: CVSROOT: No such file or directory?
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 10:35:08 -0800

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address@hidden writes:

> I hate google groups. Had a whole thing typed out and ready to send and
> it failed, erasing all I had.
> Here's the skinny:
> WinCVS Beta 20 (Build 2) with CVSNT running on Windows 2000
> CVS 1.11.5 running on Solaris 8 2/04 s28s_hw4wos_05a SPARC
> CVSROOT directory exists on server and is checked out to local dir.
> CVSROOT system environment variable exists on local machine and on
> server.
> Cannot 'cvs release' any modules from my machine with WinCVS back to
> cvs repository on server using the command 'cvs release -d -f
> <module_name>'.  Produces error message 'cvs [release aborted]:
> /usr1/webroot/cvs/repository/CVSROOT: No such file or directory'

First, the 'cvs release' command accepts a list of directories relative
to the current directory, not a <module_name>.

Second, I have seen something similar related to NFS operations on some
hosts where the directory being released was on an NFS mounted directory
and there were kernel messages like 

    'got bad cookie vp <hexstring> bp <hexstring>'

with the user seeing something like:

 % cvs release -d foo
 You have [0] altered files in this repository.
 Are you sure you want to release (and delete) directory `foo': yes
 cvs release: deletion of directory src failed: Directory not empty

but I have not actually seen the error you are reporting.

(Note: In the above case, the problem was apparently related to
which was a FreeBSD NFS client issue.)

        -- Mark
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