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How to find out files edited by given user

From: johnywalkyra
Subject: How to find out files edited by given user
Date: 20 Jan 2005 02:54:21 -0800
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recently we switched from SourceSafe to CVS and I think it was a good
choice. We are using CVSNT as server and WinCVS as client. But from the
SS we have certain habits (maybe wrong) which are hard to change. When
I want to modify a file, first I send the "edit" command to make the
file writable, then I make the changes, one or more commits and when I
think I'm done, I pass the server the "unedit" command which makes it
back read only. But sometimes change in one file implies changes in
many others and I am unable to track every file, for which I am
currently one of the editors, to release it when it's ready.
In SS there was a feature called "Status search" which displayed all
files being currently edited ("checked out" in SS terms) by me. Is
there some similar command in CVS - or probably a script - which could
do it? Our project is quite large and it takes me a lot of time to walk
through every directory and seek for these files.
Thank you,

John Walker jr.

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