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RE: Question re: deleted tags

From: Rick Genter
Subject: RE: Question re: deleted tags
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 08:37:00 -0800

I believe that the "real" tags repository, as you call it, is knowledge
scattered in each ,v file in the repository. Each file lists the tags
with which it is tagged. That's why when you specify a tag that is not
in the val-tags file it can take a long time to process the command; CVS
has to look at every ,v file in the module(s) referenced in the command
to see if the tag exists. 

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Subject: RE: Question re: deleted tags

I understand WHY now. Since val-tags is just a cache,
where is the "real" tags repository. Again in my last
post, I said I did NOT see the deleted tag in val-tags
anymore, and don't see a tag that should still be there.


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>Subject: Re: Question re: deleted tags
>Derek Price writes:
>> Since tag deletion is considered a relatively rare operation 
>(as well 
>> it
>> should be), no one has ever bother to write the code for the 
>> complete tag search that would be necessary to determine if 
>the tag is 
>> really completely gone and should really be deleted from val-tags.
>It's not necessary -- since val-tags is just a cache, it would 
>be safe to just delete it regardless.  Of course, the first 
>thing that needs to be done is to add some kind of locking for 
>the val-tags file since there isn't any right now and the more 
>we update it the better the chance of it getting corrupted by 
>simultaneous updates.
>-Larry Jones
>I'm so disappointed. -- Calvin

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