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Re: Will CVS 1.11.19 ever be released?

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Will CVS 1.11.19 ever be released?
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 10:14:39 -0800

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Michael Jarvis <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm one of the CVS administrators here at my company (in addition to
> other duties of course), and I've been waiting for CVS 1.11.19 before
> upgrading all our users.  I know there are some issues with 1.11.18 so
> I've been waiting for the next version of the "stable" branch.
> I've been watching this list, and haven't seen any mention of 1.11.19
> since Nov 15 (a post from Mark Baushke).  Are there currently plans to
> release 1.11.19, or will the 1.12.* branch become the new "stable"
> branch?

Well, the feature (1.12.x) branch seems to be causing grief for a few
different kinds of clients:
  - SmartCVS                   - problems with relative pathnames and
                                 "Dying gasps received from client"

  - MacCVSClient               - problems with the zlib 1.2.1 on the new
                                 server vs 1.1.3 on old clients

  - Eclipse/NetBeans Checkout  - "Internal error, resource does not
                                 start with root"

  - PAM & CVSROOT/passwd       - troubles with apparently uninitialized
                                 PAM state. This one may or may not be
                                 fixed in the CVSHOME repository...

(I have had almost no time to work on cvs myself after returning from my
vacation and it looks unlikely that I'll be able to anything with it at
all this month myself.)

As for the current state of the stable (1.11.x) branch:

  - All the source files needed for Windows "red file" fix are included
    in the distribution (JmgStat.c and JmgStat.h).

  - src/expand_path.c (expand_path) has been simplified to avoid
    relocation bugs.

  - The assertion failure in do_recursion has been fixed.
    (When folks did a 'cvs co -p -rtag module/file' the first time
    that 'tag' had ever been used.)

  - A problem with windows giving an error for writes to stderr has been

Hmmm... the files: doc/HACKING.DOCS and contrib/rcs2log.1 are in the
CVSHOME repository, but not in the cvs-1.11.18 distribution and may not
yet be in a newly packaged cvs-1.11.x when it gets packaged next. I
suppose that could be considered an outstanding bug.

Does anyone else have any outstanding problems with cvs 1.11.18 that you
reported and you don't believe has been addressed?

Derek is the one that pulls the trigger on creating a new official
relesse of cvs, so if he thinks it is in good shape, I would not have
a problem with seeing 1.11.19 released.

I don't think that 1.12.x is going to become stable until the
outstanding problems with it are addressed and resolved...

        -- Mark
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