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CVS on OS X, Tortoise client on PC

From: mattmattmatt
Subject: CVS on OS X, Tortoise client on PC
Date: 23 Jan 2005 11:01:56 -0800
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I have been trying to get this configured for two days...I have a CVS
repository set up on my OS X box.  I want my PC developers to be able
to use Tortoisecvs [] to make new modules
and check in/out source from the X box.  We have not used CVS before,
so this has been tricky to figure out.

I have CVSNT for mac installed [] on the mac, and the CVS
client is accessible from the command line for our development user
account (just one account for now is fine).  I can create new modules
in the repository locally and check files in and out without problems.
SSH runs fine, the account can log in remotely without issue.

Ok, great. So I install Tortoise CVS on a test PC.  I right click on a
test directory and choose "Make new module".  I've tried many settings
but these are the ones i *believe* should be correct:

Protocol: Secure shell (:ext:)
Port: [blank]
Repository folder: /Path/to/repository
username: correctusername

I click OK.  Sometimes TortoiseCVS just gives a failure message.  Other
times it hangs in the "Import" window and has to be force quit ("Abort"
doesnt even work).  I have no idea what to do.  Has anyone gotten this
kind of configuration working properly?


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