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Re: recursive checkout in existing directory

From: Steve Sapovits
Subject: Re: recursive checkout in existing directory
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 18:05:04 -0500
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I wrote:

I thought that should be the case, as I have used CVS in the past.
But we've seen this a few times now.  Maybe it's a bug of some
sort?  We're running 1.11 on a Solaris platform.  I'll see if I
can reproduce it.

I must have been on drugs here.  I do not see this behavior
at all, no matter how I test.  In addition, at least one of
the other cases of CVS "removing" existing files has been
identified as a side effect of a bad manual copy someone did.

I adopted the model of having our wrapper script checkout into
a clean directory then do a controlled copy over the existing
files (with checks, etc.).  That eliminates any issues and is
working fine.

Thanks for the help.

Steve Sapovits    address@hidden

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