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fileInfoGenerated method usage question

From: Joao Ronaldo
Subject: fileInfoGenerated method usage question
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 17:11:57 -0200

Hi, folks.

I am having trouble in capturing the output of a EditorsCommand. I
have registered a CVSAdapter within my Client
(client.getEventManager().addCVSListener(myListener); ), before
executing the command.

However, the output of the EditorsCommand is send through the
messageSent(MessageEvent e) method, and not through the
fileInfoGenerated(FileInfoEvent e), which in fact is never called.

Of course, I would like to capture this output through the
fileInfoGenerated, because it presents a more structured response.

Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't the method fileInfoGenerated be
automatically called?

Thanks in advance. BTW, I am using CVSNT.

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