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Re: 2GB limitation: out of memory problem.

From: Rahul
Subject: Re: 2GB limitation: out of memory problem.
Date: 25 Jan 2005 13:18:18 -0800
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Hi -

Few thoughts on overcoming hardwre limitations.
Not related to just solving virtual memory issues.

If you are hitting hard limits on a box one other
way out is to have a cluster of CVS repositories in
your LAN.  You could then distribute the load across
CVS repositories.

This could be done using a hardware switch that just load-balances
the DNS requests or even TCP connections from CVS clients.
That way you are unlikely to have tons of concurrent users accessing
same physical box. Performance from each box will also improve.

You can do all this using the WANdisco CVS Replicator.  It works
just as well in the LAN as WAN. See
Best Regards,
Rahul Bhargava
CTO, WANdisco

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