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Can I adding earlier history to a repository

From: Phillips, Darren (UK)
Subject: Can I adding earlier history to a repository
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 10:59:09 +0000

I have created a cvs area which the team have been using for a few weeks now 
and various checkins and new files have been added. Unfortunately the code I 
started the cvs area with was a later release than I should have configured. It 
is there any way of adding the earlier release without losing all the updates 
since I started the area. Ie. effectively adding a new version 1.1 and 
shuffling all the exsting files up a version. If there isn't - which I suspect 
will be the answer - if I create a new area based on the earlier release, then 
checkin in the later release, is there an easy way to replicate the changes 
that the team have made to the later release.

regards Darren.

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