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how to branch libraries (and avoid excessive space-consuming)

From: Grzegorz Trafny
Subject: how to branch libraries (and avoid excessive space-consuming)
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 15:01:30 +0100

Hi all,

I keeps two modules in CVS repository:
1) MYAPP -> with sources of application,
2) MYAPPLIBS -> with libraries used by MYAPP.

Both modules are large, particularly this with libraries. Additionally
for module with sources I must keep in repository three branches:
1) for developing (trunk),
2) for test,
3) for production.

On present stage of development of application I have fairly often to create
the succeeding branches to mark next levels of development of application.
Therefore I create branch on source code ... as well as parallel I create
"identical" branch on module with libraries. This prevent problems with
incompatibile libraries.

And here starts my problem. Creation of new branch on module with libraries
causes the fairly sudden growth of size repository. (probably CVS makes new
copy of each binary file in module)
Do you have any concepts for solve that problem? Do you know some less
"space absorptive" way of marking which version of source code (which
should co-operate with which sets of libraries?

Thanks for help
Grzegorz Trafny

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