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Re: CVS diff and unknown files.

From: Sergei Organov
Subject: Re: CVS diff and unknown files.
Date: 30 Jan 2005 13:18:30 +0300
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Todd Denniston <address@hidden> writes:
> Sergei Organov wrote:
> > 
> > Todd Denniston <address@hidden> writes:
> > > 
> > > If "cvs -n commit" runs the triggers to do your check(see my
> > > question above), I have another question: in a remote server setup
> > > (i.e., :pserver:, :ext:) which test was failed, the add or the
> > > normal commit?
> > 
> > With my approach there is no add-to-working-copy-time triggers,
> > adding of a new file is normal commit (the commit time trigger
> > should have a way to check if the file is already in the repository
> > or not). So your question reduces to the following: "how client
> > knows what exactly failed?" and the answer is "through appropriate
> > error message, as usual".
> > 
> > Please notice that with separate add-to-working-copy-time triggers the
> > situation at commit time is exactly the same as those triggers must be
> > run at commit time anyway. What's an answer to your question in this
> > case?
> There is a certain amount beauty in the simplicity in keeping the status
> quo, which works. :)

Unfortunately, it doesn't work, sorry -- that's why I've initiated this
thread in the first place.

> There is also beauty in having the options you want, and none that get
> in other peoples way. For one of these options much more energy must
> be expended. :)

That's why I've tried to suggest a way to implement things that is
rather simple. Still it provides an option to check if a new file will
be allowed to go into repository.


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