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Re: cvs without a server

From: Ed Sutter
Subject: Re: cvs without a server
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 09:34:33 -0500
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Yea, that is my main concern.  I guess I need to reconsider these
sites as a more efficient option to solve my problem.
Thanks much!

I do not think this is the case.  The originator need not give
anyone else write permission in CVS... at least on SourceForge.
One can require contributors to submit patches and then it is
up to the originator (or his designees) to accept or reject
patches.  I think this has the same effect that you are looking
for by keeping a private CVS repository.  I have contributed to
projects and my work has either been approved flat out and committed, or my patch was modified to the pleasure of one of
the project administrators...  Probably somewhere along the
line something I have done never made it into the project.
Is this not what you are concerned about?

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Thanks for the response. Yea, I have been considering something like that (SourceForge or Savannah); however, it appears to me that while these sites are wonderful for distributed development, the originator of the code loses control (hence, the ability to maintain the direction) of the project. Ed

I don't think you are going to get too far using cvs for offline access to a repository. If you are running an open source

project why
don't you just move it to a hosting site like Sourceforge provides an Internet-accessible cvs repository

for all of
your developers free of charge. It also provides free bug tracking and mailing lists and makes your project more widely

accessible. All
you have to do is submit a request to them and in a day or

so you will
have a powerful resource for your project.


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Subject: cvs without a server

I posted a question the other day and didn't get a response. I'm hoping that the lack of response was not due to the lack of

an answer,
so I'll rephrase the question...

I manage/maintain a small open source project. Internally

I was using
SourceSafe and I distributed the project to folks as a tarball consisting of the latest version of all the source files.

This made
it difficult for users to keep track of changes. To improve this process, I recently moved over to CVS for my internal

Unfortunately I can't provide access to the repository using a CVS server; but I'm still hoping that there is a way for CVS to allow users of the project to keep track of changes between their current tree and a newer tree.

I know I can simply provide a tarball of the entire repository, but then how does a user figure out what changes have been made

since the
last time they downloaded the repository?

Is there any common/recommended way to do this?

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