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RE: user privileges for files / dirs / modules

From: Christopher.Fouts
Subject: RE: user privileges for files / dirs / modules
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 12:21:40 -0500

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>From: Larry Jones [mailto:address@hidden 
>Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 12:15 PM
>To: Fouts Christopher (IFNA MP DC)
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>Subject: Re: user privileges for files / dirs / modules
>address@hidden writes:
>> Yes I started the discussion back then too, and did not get (or I 
>> couldn't filter out) a straight answer. So once checked-in with the 
>> "wrong" perms, how does one correct it?
>By changing the permissions on the RCS file in the repository. 
> The permissions on the working file are the same as the 
>permissions on the RCS file except that the read permissions 
>are copied to the write permissions and the user's umask is applied.
>-Larry Jones
>It's SUSIE!  It's a GIRL!  Santa would understand! -- Calvin

Thanks, but I believe I've done this, that is, changing the RCS
file perms to no avail. Now I remember asking where "in" the RCS 
file, and getting "not in the RCS file, but of the RCS file."

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