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RE: Renaming (was Re: 'cvs add' client/server semantics)

From: Alexandre Augusto Drummond Barroso
Subject: RE: Renaming (was Re: 'cvs add' client/server semantics)
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 18:23:08 -0300

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> Subject: Renaming (was Re: 'cvs add' client/server semantics)
> I maintain that in the version control domain, add/delete are not a 
> suitable equivalent of a rename operation.  The reason is because 
> there's more to it than linking together partial logs as Greg 
> claims.  
> There are also issues relating to branch management, like deciding 
> which RCS file version comes from.
I agree with you. I think the result from an annotate would be 
completely different when using a "move" operation instead of 
traditional "mv-remove-add" operation.

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