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Can't specify username with cvs-rsh

From: Jim Babcock
Subject: Can't specify username with cvs-rsh
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 13:41:05 -0500
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On a shared webhost, my username is "address@hidden" and
the hostname is "". With ssh, I can log in fine with
"ssh -l 'address@hidden'". However, I can't
find a way to get CVS to pass the correct options. If I use
  export CVS_RSH=ssh
  cvs -d init
Then it misparses this as user:jbabcock,
host:address@hidden If I use
  export address@hidden
  cvs -d init
then it just ignores the USER environment variable. There doesn't
seem to be any option to specify the username separately (like ssh's

So, how do I use CVS if my username contains an @ character?

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