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Re: Testing for updated files

From: russ . sherk
Subject: Re: Testing for updated files
Date: 7 Feb 2005 11:18:26 -0800
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Bill Moseley wrote:
> My hope was I could do something like:
>   cvs update && do_something_with_updated_copy
> via cron to update a local build whenever there's a change in cvs.
> Anyone have a suggestion how to tell when a cvs update actually
updates files in
> the local copy?
> --
> Bill Moseley
> address@hidden

grep for  leading 'U' in cvs output.  In the form of :

U <path/to/my.file>

Watch out for other things like 'M' (locally modified) or 'C'
(confilct).  Also, it may be better to add watches and watch actions to
the cvs server.  You could have the watch post changed file name to a
log and have your crontab check that file for changes.  This way you
only have to update the files/modules that are listed in the change
file and you don't have to do a full update just to find a single file

Just a thought.

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