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How to tag a branch?

From: vik
Subject: How to tag a branch?
Date: 7 Feb 2005 12:05:56 -0800
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Hi all,

I have used CVS for a while in a developer(checkout-update-commit)
mode,but have little experience in admin/branching stuff. Could someone
please guide me in what i need to do?

When our app went live, i created a branch called
"production-release-1-1". Our application development continued on the
trunk, and we make all production-related bug fixes on the branch. I
now want to tag this branch as "production-patch-1" as we are giving
out our first patch/intermediate release. From some other posts in this
group, I thought the right sequence would be to

1) Checkout the code for that branch on a local directory.
2) Issue the following command:
        cvs rtag -r production-release-1-1 production-patch-1 gol
   where gol is the name of our module.

However, when i check out the files by this production-patch-1 tag, it
gets me the LATEST code on the production-release-1-1 branch....not the
checked out version of code that i ran the command on. PLEASE HELP! I
need to get this right before we release this patch. Thanks in advance!


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