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Re: RV: Newbie question. How to manage replaced files

From: russ . sherk
Subject: Re: RV: Newbie question. How to manage replaced files
Date: 7 Feb 2005 12:35:29 -0800
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Unified diff format will not solve the posters problem of safely
committing arbitrary files.  It will also create more work.

As Pierre stated, Nestor should implement tighter guidelines for
obtaining and submitting sources.  This can be difficult if dealing
with 3rdparty dev-co's (or internal management...)

Anyhow, a possible solution is to ask that the entire _affected_ source
tree with CVS info included be sent to you in an archive.  (only
include directories containing changed files.)  Of course this means
that you must ship a CVS tree to them to edit... but where else would
they get the code?  This is the only way to be able to safely check in
changed code:

- check out source modules that will be modified
- tag these sources with a branch if you think they will break the head
when merging
- archive the sources
- ship to modifier
- recieve from modifier
- add a safty tag (if you chose not to branch)
- add changes on branch (or head if you chose not to branch)
- build and test
- merge changes into head if it was a success

Really tho, this is a process problem.  Not a cvs problem.

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