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CVS install Help

From: Steve
Subject: CVS install Help
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 20:25:44 -0500

I installed CVS on box

I wanted this to be my server.

I then installed CVS on a separate PC

How can I point to the X.X.X.5 machine?

I setup the remote repository.  I specified a hostname etc.  I am not
understanding what I need to do to the server side and client so I can check
out files.
btw: I used nt* as the network protocol on the .5 machine.

What am I missing.  Obviously a lot.  Maybe a very simple test I can do for
the server and then for the client to get me started.

or is there a tutorial online?

I am extremely brand new to this.  I need to get this working so people can
begin checking out code and incorporate this with Eclipse.

Please any help is extremely appreciated.  Even a book which I can buy is
good.  I need a simple step by step guide to get the server and client

Btw: Do I need to map drives?  I really don't want to do this.  I have
programmers who cannot map a drive.

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