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Re: Change a keyword for another keyword

From: Mark Jackson
Subject: Re: Change a keyword for another keyword
Date: 9 Feb 2005 15:23:46 GMT

"Jim.Hyslop" <address@hidden> writes:
> Paola Attadio wrote:
> > I need the change a keyword for another keyword in the 
> > archives a module 
> > of cvs. Quisiera to do this of once. Somebody knows some tool 
> > and/or way 
> > to do this?
> Off the top of my head, something like:
> find -type f -exec sed -i 's/\$OriginalRCSKeyword[^\$]*/$NewRCSKeyword/g' {}
> \;
> should do it. Check your changes very carefully before committing, though,
> in case one of the files is binary, or otherwise happens to have a string
> that matches the keyword. You'll also probably want a way to filter out
> files in the CVS subdirectories - I haven't figured out how to do that with
> 'find' yet (if indeed it's possible).

If you start with

find . ! \( -name CVS -prune \)

you should omit CVS subdirectories and their contents.

Mark Jackson -
        People who write obscurely are either unskilled in writing
        or up to mischief.              - Sir Peter Medawar

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