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Can I turn off merge conflict markers?

From: noah
Subject: Can I turn off merge conflict markers?
Date: 9 Feb 2005 15:45:52 -0800
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Can I set a cvs update option so that it will only
report merge conflict files and NOT modify them with
conflict markers? It does not appear that "cvs update"
has an option like this, but maybe there is some trick
someone can clue me in on.

When you get a file where automatic merge fails
CVS will report a merge conflict and then modify
the offending file with conflict markers:
...which is fine most of the time, but now I have a situation
where I'm working in a project with someone else's code
and I'm getting a lot of these. The difference for these files
are trivial. It's a lot of extra hassle to have to
go delete all these conflict markers. It's sufficient for me to
know there is a problem.  I want to update what I can, but
I don't want cvs to touch the conflicted files.
I just want it to report them.


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