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RE: Medium sized binaries, lots of commits and performance

From: Jesper Vad Kristensen
Subject: RE: Medium sized binaries, lots of commits and performance
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 09:04:38 +0100

Larry Jones wrote:

>> I and the rest of us out here work with Oracle Forms and that means
>> binary source code.
>Are you sure there isn't a way to store them as text or to convert them
>to text?  Source control systems are popular enough that there almost
>certainly is.  Storing them in text form rather than in binary 
>is by far the best solution to your potential problem.

I absolutely sure there is such a way :)

The Oracle Form Builder tool supports this innately. I'm a bit hesitant
to go this way, however, because it complicates most people's lives here
(having to always do explicit converting and all). Also, we pull source
code directly from CVS (using a perl script) and compile our
releases/launches from it - but your suggestion may of course make it
far more expedient to pull everything as ascii files, convert to
binaries, and then compile as usual.

Your advice may well be implemented - if I don't successfully follow any
of the other very fine suggestions by the people on this list.

BTW, if I have a binary of 2.8 MB it converts to text format as 6,4 MB.
Altbough the ascii is bigger I'm assuming CVS will be able to handle it
more efficiently (smaller deltas).

Thanks a lot for the advice!


Jesper Vad Kristensen
Aarhus, Denmark

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