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$Name$ expansion on sticky tag is not occuring

From: Yasunari Tosa
Subject: $Name$ expansion on sticky tag is not occuring
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 12:26:37 -0500
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We though of using $Name$. However, it is not working as the cervqvist says. Here is the file I checked out with "cvs co -r stable2 dev/mris_info/mris_info.cpp". I can see it has the sticky tag associated with but $Name was not expanded at all:

  static char version[] = "$Name:  $";

Can you tell me how I can make this expansion to occur?

Thank you for your help.

cvs status -v mris_info.cpp (in directory /home/tosa/test/dev/mris_info/)
File: mris_info.cpp        Status: Up-to-date

Working revision:
Repository revision: /space/repo/1/dev/dev/mris_info/mris_info.cpp,v
Sticky Tag:        stable2 (branch: 1.6.2)
Sticky Date:        (none)
Sticky Options:    (none)

Existing Tags:
 stable2                      (branch: 1.6.2)
 pre-stable2-branch           (revision: 1.6)


Yasunari Tosa, Ph.D.               Email: address@hidden
NMR Ctr, Mass. General Hospital TEL: 617-726-4050 Building 149, 13th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129

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