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RE: why is CVS so slow

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: why is CVS so slow
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 07:17:42 +1100


As Todd pointed out you should direct these questions to the free open
source CVSNT newsgroup:

CVS and CVSNT are very different products internally and issues such as
performance requires familiarity with the CVSNT specifics that most of
the members of info-cvs cannot assist you with.

The two most common causes of bottlenecks with CVSNT are:
* Delays in username/group resolution due to a slow active directory
* client not registered in DNS (and reverse DNS lookup is not disabled
on server)

Please post your question again to the CVSNT newsgroup,  including the
version number of the client and server, and a trace (cvs -t -t -t)
showing "which part" of the trace has any "delay".  You may also want to
search the newsgroup archive of CVSNT since various performance issues
have been discussed at length in the past six months.


Arthur Barrett

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> Subject: Re: why is CVS so slow
> I am using the SSPI protocol.
> What I mean by slow is tho following:
> I just created a new module in my repository and then added 
> all my project 
> files (approx. 2000 files, 280 MB). This process took about 
> 15 min, which is 
> a longt ime I think.
> Committing the (just added) files then took about 5 min, 
> which is good.
> Updating with no changes takes about 20 sec.
> This may not seem slow to you and in fact it is fast enough 
> to work with. 
> However, if one looks at the CPU/network/HDD utilisation one 
> must conclude 
> it could be lots faster. I just wonder where the bottleneck is.
> Greetings,
> Michael
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