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RE: win32 questions

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: win32 questions
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 14:59:31 +1100


I'm not familiar with tkcvs but WinCVS and TortoiseCVS both include
CVSNT for Windows.  

CVSNT is free (open source GPL just like CVS) and can be downloaded

As Conrad pointed out most CVS testing is done on Unix.  CVSNT is tested
extensively on Windows, Mac OS X, HPUX, Solaris and IBM iSeries (OS400).

You should direct any questions to the free open source CVSNT newsgroup:


Arthur Barrett

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> Sent: Tuesday, 15 February 2005 6:24 AM
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> Subject: win32 questions
> I've just downloaded the win32 version of the cvs client to 
> be used with 
> tkcvs (under WinME) and had to do a lot of digging to resolve 
> some basic 
> installation problems.
> The problems I ran into was the strict requirement to have the 
> environment variables HOMEDIR and HOMEPATH defined and even 
> so the cvs 
> client seemed very  particular about the format. It seems it does not 
> like or accept trailing slashes nor an empty string or non-existent 
> entry for HOMEPATH.
> Then it refused to create the file .cvspass if it does not 
> exist in the 
> specified path and under WinME it is a bit tricky to create 
> .cvspass - a 
> file without a file name in WInME's opinions :-).
> Surely I can't be the only one to be using cvs in this environment?
> Are there any information files that I missed?
> TIA,
> Arnold
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