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RE: win32 questions

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: win32 questions
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 22:14:03 +1100


> Thank you for your comments, but I have given up on wincvs and cvsnt 
> since I want to run a cvs front end with as much similarity 
> (identical, 
> if possible) under both linux and Winxx, which TkCvs seems to provide.

CVSNT is available for Linux and Windows - it works identically on both.
However I do not know about TkCvs at all.

If you require the features of CVSNT (eg: lock server, atomic
commits/update, multi lingual filenames, binary deltas, Unicode files,
mergepoints, bug id's, etc), or if Windows is your *primary* development
platforms the CVSNT may be best for you - but I'm biased.  

I originally responded because the subject suggested that perhaps you
were not very familiar with the "unixness" of traditional CVS (as most
windows users).

> I have already corresponded on the wincvs/gcvs issues with 
> some of those 
> newsgroups but have given up on those two since I did not find them 
> similar enough, even though they seem to share a web site.

I think they were originally written by different teams.


Arthur Barrett

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