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Re: keywords for branches and tags

From: Mark E. Hamilton
Subject: Re: keywords for branches and tags
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:56:39 -0700
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Glenn Franxman wrote:
Thanks Jim!

It turns out that the $Name$ tag is treated special.    It gets
expanded when the command is export, but not for checkout or update.

Hmm, a little experimentation shows me that that is not correct, at least for 'cvs update':

sahp6613% more test4.dat
# $Name:  $

sahp6613% rm test4.dat

sahp6613% cvs update -r test_tag2 test4.dat
U test4.dat

sahp6613% more test4.dat
# $Name: test_tag2 $

I did notice, however, that the first time I tried it it didn't expand $Name$, because 'test_tag2' is on the head revision of the file, so cvs didn't think it needed to fetch the file again.

Mark E. Hamilton
Orion International Technologies, Inc.
Sandia National Laboratory, NM.

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