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Cygwin CVS Login Error - "setuid failed: Permission denied"

From: Pingkui_Hou
Subject: Cygwin CVS Login Error - "setuid failed: Permission denied"
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 17:26:24 +0900

hi, everyone,
I am a newbie to the CVS. I encountered an error whiling installing and
configuring the CVS under Cygwin.
My OS is windows 2003 Server and Logon with my Domain Account: hfrank.
I downloaded and installed ALL components being accessible from Cygwin
Mirror site. So, I think my Cygwin is a full-functional Cygwin.

Then, I do the commands like:
 (1) mkpasswd -d > /etc/passwd, mkgroup -d > /etc/group
(2) /usr/bin/iu-config -y
(3) add the "cvspserver tcp/2401" into the WINNT/system32/driver/etc/service
    add "cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /bin/cvs
cvs --allow-root=/var/cvs pserver"
(4) inetd --install-as-service  and start the service
(5) export CVSROOT=/var/cvs
(6) cvs init, and the /var/cvs/CVSROOT/* are created automatically without
(7) I create the /var/cvs/CVSROOT/passwd file like :
(8) Everything looks well .

But , when I try to connect the cvs server with WinCVS, like:
pserver:cvsuser:address@hidden:/var/cvs login
pserver:hfrank:address@hidden:/var/cvs login,
    the error message "setuid failed: Permision denied" was returned from
the server.
"pc-230" is the computer name of the Server.

But i can login the server from another cygwin environment correctly.

I will appreciate any hints and help on this issue.
Thanks in advance.

P.K Hou

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