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vendor/local files in CVS

From: Bob Fyfe
Subject: vendor/local files in CVS
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 16:45:56 -0500

Well, I've searched the archives and FAQ as best I can and while I have seen threads similar to the information for which I'm looking, I did not see exactly this...

I've used CVS over the last year to my own expert but useful to me. Our organization now has a new project on the horizon and I've been asked to provide my instilled wisdom (sic). Here's the deal:

We receive source code from a vendor which consists of many files (call it version 1). That source code requires running a 'make' to set up the environment from the tar file they distribute. Subsequently, several files have been changed. Additionally, several files have been created. So at this point you have "vendor" source files and several "localized" files (i.e. vendor files modified and new locally created files). This would be an easy scenario to put things into CVS - you could just put all of it, vendor and locally modified files there. The problem I am trying to conceptualize before it happens is when the vendor provides a new release with new vendor source files and new versions of the locally modified set of files. I know you can do a merge but I still envision that just in the vendor code - forget about any local modifications or additions - there could be many changes to existing files that were never touched locally or even additions of files. I don't think that we would necessarily want to track or reconcile these changes. I would think that we would be most interested in tracking changes between a file that is given to us and the modifications we've made to it. That is the type of file I would expect you would want to merge.

So the question at hand is, do you put everything into CVS and tag it as a version (say, version 1 for the first vendor set, version 1a for our locally modified version which would include the vendor files and our changes/additions). After that when we get a new vendor set of files I'm lost what to do.

Am I trying to make CVS do something it's not made to do???

Thanks for any help.


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