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RE: Restricting use of 'cvs rtag' & 'cvs tag' commands [2nd try]

From: David Leskovac
Subject: RE: Restricting use of 'cvs rtag' & 'cvs tag' commands [2nd try]
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 16:03:56 -0500

> Install cvs in a different place than the version you are using.
> Make a script named cvs in the current location of cvs. That
> script should check the cvs commands vs. valid users. If
> everything is OK, then it should invoke the new cvs in the
> new place with the arguments passed to it.

This is an interesting idea.

> This won't protect you from truly malicious developers who
> invoke cvs directly from the new location, but you probably
> have already fired those people from your project. :-)

None of the developers are malicious. The problem came up
because on 3 separate occasions, a developer who is not
very familiar with CVS somehow deleted 3 active branches.
As to firing developers, that's out of my realm. I am just
a lowly release engineer. :-)

One person suggested an open source product called Sinis.

This product intrigues me. Has anyone on this list used Sinis?


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