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CVS concept of time - time zone part 44!

From: Christopher.Fouts
Subject: CVS concept of time - time zone part 44!
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 17:50:00 -0500

This has been talked about several times, so I said part 44! :)

However something still does NOT make sense to me..

My sandbox and server are BOTH on the EST time zone, at least when
I say "date" I get the EST time. However, when I issue a CVS command
(tag, commit, etc.) on the server, the server shows 5 hour diff. between
when the command is issued and a cvs report. Ex...

On client (HPUX 10.20) sandbox
   > date 
     Wed Feb 23 17:30:14 EST 2005
On Linux box (Fedora) server
   > date
     Wed Feb 23 17:30:20 EST 2005

On sandbox
   > cvs rtag -F -r b_branchname t_tagname proj
   > cvs history -Ta 
     T 2005-02-23 22:30 +0000 user  proj  [t_tagname:b_branchname]

See what I mean? This would make sense if Linux box was set to UTC, 
but it's set to EST correct?

Chris T Fouts

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