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ACL Patching required for 1.12.11?

From: Tushar
Subject: ACL Patching required for 1.12.11?
Date: 25 Feb 2005 19:45:40 +0530

Hi all,
        I have just down loaded CVS-1.12.11 source. I want to use it for

        First thing, is it required to patch this with ACL patch or the ACL
patch is merged?

        Second thing, when I run make check, check seems to hang. Output of
make check is 
        (Note that the test can take an hour or more to run and         
        for as long as one minute.  Do not assume there is a problem    just
        nothing seems to happen for a long time.  If you cannot live    without
        running status, try the command: `tail -f check.log' from       another
window.) Connection refused Connection refused "

Message from tail -f check.log is
        PASS: template-norcsinfo-5
        PASS: template-norcsinfo-6
        PASS: template-norcsinfo-7
        SKIP: writeproxy (only tested in remote mode)
        SKIP: writeproxy-noredirect (only tested in remote mode)
        SKIP: writeproxy-ssh (only tested in remote mode)
        SKIP: writeproxy-ssh-noredirect (only tested in remote mode)

What should I do for this?


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