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From: JScoobyCed
Subject: CVSNT
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 16:44:22 +0700
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Hi all,

        I just installed the latest CVSNT MSI Installer I have found.
I am installing on Windows XP Pro + SP2
At the end of the installation, I got an error message telling that some part of the installation failed. This happens after the services are added and started, then register component, ... then this error popup. The last screen of the installer also tells there was error during installation and I shuld re-run the installer. But the server is installed, and after I reboot, I can login to the server, start/stop services without error, everything looks good.
It's just I don't like such error message...
Anybody got an idea ?
I have tried cvsnt 2.0.62 as well with same error.
Should I try an older release ?
What is the latest stable release ?

Thanks a lot.


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