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'No such file or directoryctory' [sic] error

From: Alex Hunsley
Subject: 'No such file or directoryctory' [sic] error
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 21:59:39 GMT
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I'm running CVS under cygwin on a win XP machine. Cygwin is up to date, and cvs version on cygwin is 1.11.17. I'm attaching to a CVS pserver (no ssh involved) running on a fedora core 3 machine (which is also kept up to date).

I'm having a persistent problem whereby when I try to commit a local sandbox version of a module I get this error:

[snip most of normal output]
? dev/OLD
? dev/CTREE
/#cvs.lock): No such file or directoryctory for `/var/lib/cvsroot/dev
cvs commit: lock failed - giving up
cvs [commit aborted]: lock failed - giving up

Note that the error really does say "directoryctory", this is not a typo.
Having googled for similar things, I found out that this problem tends to happen on windows version of cvs, and what is actually happening is that there is a code 0x0d (carriage return) somewhere in the /var/lib/cvsroot/dev string, and by checking via dump.exe, I have confirmed this. I've no udea why this happens - some of my repostories are ok, but there's one of them that this keeps eventually happening with. I'm certainly not using any of the banned characters (e.g. + or =) in my repository file names, and I'm not accessing a sandbox over a mapped network drive, which I understand to be a no-no (the sandbox is just at the folder d:/dev).
Any ideas anyone?


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