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ANN: CVSROOT/passwd file editor

From: Thomas Maier
Subject: ANN: CVSROOT/passwd file editor
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 09:22:27 +0100

Hi all,

in contrib/README.gz I have found the paragraph

If you have some software that works with CVS that you wish to offer it
is suggested that you make it available by FTP or HTTP and then announce
it on the info-cvs mailing list.

So I have written some such software and post to this list.  (Is there a
"newer", more recommended way?  I ask because other information in that
document seems to be obsolete.)  The software is available at

and is an editor for the CVSROOT/passwd file.  Actually it is only a
GTK/Ruby/etc study but it seems to do its job.  Years ago a paragraph
from the cvs info pages annoyed me and it made me write cvs-users when I
wanted to have a look at how it feels like writing GTK/Gnome Apps; I
have looked it up again:

Right now, the only way to put a password in the CVS `passwd' file
is to paste it there from somewhere else.  Someday, there may be a `cvs
passwd' command.

Regards, Thomas.

Thomas Maier - Research Assistant - University of Kassel, Germany

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