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Re: Any plan for file level CVS ACL in near feature?

From: Tushar
Subject: Re: Any plan for file level CVS ACL in near feature?
Date: 03 Mar 2005 12:16:23 +0530

On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 21:03, Francois Legrand wrote:
> I tried to use the cvs-RACL patch to CVS !!! And I was really not 
> satisfied...
> I suspect that it's quite buggy !
> Thus we decided to use the cvs-acls contrib which works perfectly.
> If you are interrested, I released a web tool to administrate easily the 
> rights without
> having to edit manually the avail file.
> All informations here:
Thanks all for reply.
I have already downloaded that. I am going to try it once I finish with
CVS back-end setting. But does it work for CVS-1.12.11 available  from ? Or it is for CVS-ACL patch for
cvsacl-1.2.2-for-cvs-1.11.18 available from
I am really confused between the two. 
                                For me, the unpatched CVS-1.12.11 seems working 
for commit
restriction with pserver method. I am doing some final testing for it.I
will get back to you Francois.
> Cheers
> Francois

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